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PEX Crimp Fittings


Explore Our Entire Range Of PEX Pipe Fittings For All Types Of Plumbing Installations Using PEX Pipe

PEX pipe fittings are designed to be used with the full range of PEX pipes for easy and fuss-free connection. Our PEX pipe fittings don’t need the use of an O-ring as they are connected simply by using a copper crimp ring and a crimping tool or using compression fittings.

Many of our PEX brass fittings are made from dezincification-resistant brass that meets Australian Standards AS2345. This means that the fittings don’t lose their zinc content which would otherwise weaken the structure of the fitting.

When using a PEX fitting, pressure can be applied immediately after connection, saving you valuable time. PEX fittings use watertight compression sleeve connection technology. This means that they can withstand extreme temperatures and different pressure levels.

An Extensive Range Of PEX Pipe Fittings To Suit Gas And Water Installations

At Forge Plumbing, we can supply a wide range of PEX pipe fittings for both gas and water plumbing installations. Our range includes:

  • PEX elbow fittings for both gas and water
  • PEX tee fittings for both water and gas
  • PEX adaptors for both gas and water
  • PEX reducing tees for water and gas
  • PEX couplings for gas and water
  • PEX breech fittings for sinks, baths and showers
  • Manual pressing tools for easy connection

Many of our pipe fittings incorporate a leak-free compression joint where, once the nut or screw is tightened, the end of the ferrule is compressed onto the PEX tubing. This ensures the tightest possible seal that is not going to leak if connected correctly.

PEX pipe fittings allow you to connect PEX tubing to existing copper or steel pipes as well as to other types of plumbing fixtures. Our PEX pipe fittings are certified to be fully compliant with Australian Standards by ApprovalMark International.